Administración de fincas EUROPA is a company that provides services and fully manages and runs Residents’ Associations and Communities. It has been founded on and works under two basic principles: honesty and transparency.

Administración de fincas EUROPA is made up of a team that includes two professional and registered property administrators (nº 1.749 and nº 1.756) who have degrees from the School of Property Administrators from Alicante. Both are fully qualified and have the respective insurances and titles to carry out this type of work.

As part of our ethos as a property administrator, we believe that the property owner should also take an active part in the decisions that need to be taken with regards to running his Community.

The main services provided by Administración de fincas EUROPA are as follows:

Reclaim unpaid fees

Active communication and mediation with debtors

Manage all legal services and procedures

Apply for all types of building permits and licenses

Issue and manage payment of bills corresponding to the budget for expenses

Present the obligatory fiscal declarations for the Community (as is required by the Royal Decree 828/2013)

Presentation of the accounts for the year: breakdown of all income and expenses

Draw up the expenses budget for the following year

Set up and establish new Residents’ Associations

Compose meeting summons and minutes; transcribe data to the Minutes Book

Receive notification of property ownership changes and new ownership details

Supervise maintenance services

Process funding allocations

Claims handling

Custody of Community paperwork that is available to the property owner at all times

Offer legal advice to property owners on Horizontal Property (Horizontal Property Law, Civil Code, Tenancies Act, Insolvency Law...)

Issue Certificate of Debt in the case of the expropriation of a specific property within the Community